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Pick-up site information

Wednesdays                                       Pick-up times

Plymouth                          W5971 Pheasant Ln.                12pm - 7pm

Sheboygan #1                      W1855 Echo Court                12pm - 7pm

Sheboygan #2                        2220 N 6th Street                 12:30pm - 7pm

Mequon                 14007 N. Port Washington Rd.            1pm - 7pm

Bayside                 9125 N.  Santa Monica Blvd.                 1pm - 6pm

Whitefish Bay  #1                   4667 Wilshire Rd.                 2:30pm - 6:30pm

Whitefish Bay #2                     6170 N Shoreland Ave.       2pm - 7pm

Shorewood                         2701 E. Beverly Rd.                  3:30pm - 7pm

Riverwest                     3276 Gordon Place                          3:30pm - 7pm


Springdale Farm                          Silver Spring Ln.              11am - 7pm

Cedarburg                                 159 Sunset Lane                   12pm - 7pm

Whitefish Bay                     5748 Shoreland Avenue             1pm - 7pm

Shorewood                         2500 E. Newton Ave.                   2pm - 7pm

South Wauwatosa                           2133 N. 73rd St.              3pm - 7pm

North Wauwatosa                    9449 W. Grantosa Dr.            3:30pm - 7pm

Menomonee Falls            W134N6822 Wild Rose Ct            3:45pm - 7pm        



Come to your pick-up site within the time frame listed above. If, for an exceptional reason, you cannot make it that day, then you can call your pick-up site host before the end of the pick-up time period, and they probably will keep it for you until the following day (unless they¹re on vacation). However, they are under NO obligation to do so, and if they do not hear from you, they will find another home for your box at the end of the allotted time. 
Whether a business or an individual's residence, your pick-up site has been generous in volunteering to provide space for our boxes. Please treat them with the appropriate courtesy and respect! Do not call any pick-up site after 9:00 pm. Thank you!
Away on Vacation? If you know ahead of time that you'll be away on vacation on any given pick-up day, you can call or e-mail us in advance to let us know. We won't pack a box for you that day, but will pack an extra box for you for another pick-up day of your choice.
Be sure to take the correct box, and the correct amount of eggs and/or greens share if you ordered them. A list telling you what size share you have will always be posted, including the amount of eggs and greens share that each ordered. The half share boxes are always smaller than the full share boxes and the eggs will be found in the coolers.
Check off your name on the list. This is the only way for us to know who has picked up their box. If you miss the first week or two, your pick-up site may call you to remind you, but they won't be doing that regularly.
Bring your old box and any egg cartons or other containers (but not plastic bags) that we give you along with you the following week to be reused. Please do not bring other containers that you may get from other stores. 
Keep the pick-up site area tidy! 
UNFOLD the box and put it in the appropriate pile. Try not to demolish the box when unfolding it! Please put the egg cartons and other containers that you have received from us in the appropriate container.
Here is a video on how to unfold your box! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwjPa_wdZd0
Make use of the Exchange Box: At all of the pick-up sites, and for most of the year (though perhaps not in the first few deliveries) there will be an Exchange Box at your pick-up site with assorted extras, or seconds, and/or less common and less popular vegetables. If you see something in the Exchange Box that you would like, you may take it, keeping in mind that others might also enjoy things in there as well. If there is something in your box that you would not use, you may donate that into the Exchange Box.


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